We value the feedbacks of our clients.

"We have consulted with several immigration companies, and we think Jenson is a very professional company. At our first meeting, the consultant helped us analyze the situation very carefully and gave us several examples. He was very professional and enthusiastic about giving us an analysis before the cooperation was established so that the layman could clearly understand the current situation and how to proceed with further immigration steps. The price is very reasonable. Especially after signing the contract, Jenson did not neglect us but more careful. They understand the customer's impatience and give updates without any impatience. The WeChat group is also very timely to help. As a whole, we are very satisfied and recommend Jenson. We also appreciate Jenson's help. We think that Jenson has done enough to get EE approved in advance."

———— Vivian Lim, Singapore

"I am very lucky to meet a professional immigration consulting firm like Jenson. Every consultant has a strong stock of expertise. Customer service is really patient, and the price is reasonable and clear. I appreciate that Jenson can not only do an excellent job in customer service but also adhere to a strong principle, not just to please customers. If there were any risks, I would be informed in advance, and Jenson would conduct analysis together with customers to develop reliable solutions. I know from the whole process of my immigration work how difficult it is to work as an immigration consultant. If every detail is neglected, it may lead to severe consequences. Therefore, I admire Jenson consultants for their meticulous and accurate work.

Immigration is an important milestone in one's life. It is rare to find a trustworthy immigration consulting firm. I will actively recommend Jinsheng. Bring luck to your friends around you."

———— Ye Chang, China

“Thanks again to the Jenson immigration team.

The reason why I choose Jenson is actually not a coincidence. I have consulted many immigration companies, but when I asked for some details, such as the calculation of working hours, they all gave me uncertain answers, which did not remove my doubts. When I ask you the same question, I get a very definite answer. In fact, many people have a negative first impression of the immigration company. However, when I see such a positive attitude, I believe that your team is professional. Even if other groups offer a more favourable price or promise me anything is feasible, I still decide to choose you.

The other thing that I think is good is an efficient mode of communication. A general information reminder or simple question consultation is through WeChat. Personally, I think it is relatively quick. Moreover, there are many people in the WeChat group who can timely respond to the questions raised. It's also possible to solve problems by phone, which I find incredibly convenient.

At present, I think the whole process management and communication are good, and there is nothing inappropriate about the user experience. I do want to give you some advice to help improve your service, but objectively speaking, I can't find the problem. I hope to maintain such a corporate culture and gradually expand the services for more people to solve immigration problems."

———— Carter Li, China